welcome to my carrd!!!!!! B)
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my name is strider/blue!!!!
i am a gay man 🏳🌈 (but i dont wanna date anyone right now)
i use he/him!!! they/them is also good, im also a minor and my bday is on sept 26!!! 🥳 also ma blueberry mc skin is made by Skele!
and the strider skin is by PugTurtleThunder! i just added the suit part

very awesome people!

RAR: Xe is so awesome cool!!
RILEY Mii is so cool!!
TIM She is so rad!!
VAMP Ve is very rad!!
SKELE They are very awesome!
HAL Q is very pogchamp!!

if you want to be added and we are MUTUALS on twitter just ask me!!

i like things like u do!!! 😎
bold means i really like it!
Minecraft/Old Minecraft
Among Us
Henry Stickmin
more to come!!

dni if u are like this!!!! 😲😲
X basic dni stuff
X HATE striders... i relate with them alot 🤩
X apart of the msagent community (dm me if u wanna know why)
check this place alot it may be updated alot!!!

heres a list of some of my most popular data packs!

Dimension Potions

Survival Gear Kits

Cave Spawning

More Random Spawn Point